NUE-PSK Digital Modem

Adding the Paddle Jack

Enable your modem to transmit without using the keyboard!


This latest version 5 software adds three huge new capabilities to the NUE-PSK Digital Modem: 
     (1) You can now use your favorite CW paddle instead of a keyboard to send digital mode messages;
     (2) A new mode called CW Direct allows your modem to connect to any transceiver to send and receive in CW Mode.  (No longer is an SSB transceiver required for CW Mode use!); and
     (3) Keyer Practice Mode is also available to allow you to practice sending with your paddle, at any speed and in any keyer mode.

     You can take advantage of these new capabilities by making a simple hardware mod to your modem (add a 3.5mm jack and four internal wires).  Then just sit back, listen to the digital mode traffic in Morse code as it is also displayed to the built-in LCD, and transmit using your paddle to have the ultimate digital mode portable operating experience!

     See the information below here describing how to add the paddle jack.  A full description of using the paddle for controlling your modem is contained in the extensive Operating Manual.  See also our Keyer Mode QuickStart web page describing how to easily get going with this mode, including tips, techniques and example operating practices. 

     Thanks once again to Dave Collins, AD7JT for developing this outstanding new software version for us all!


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Page last updated:  July 2012